Wireless Network

What is a Wireless Network.

A Wireless Local Area Network (LAN or WLAN) is  used to link two or more computers without the need for wires.

Wireless LAN is based on radio waves enabling communication between devices in a limited area of approximately 100 metres (dependent on conditions).

Wireless allows the ability to move around within a home or office but maintain a connection to the network or internet.

Wireless has become very popular with home users since the introduction of new wireless products like Laptops, Tablets and Phones.

Some small businesses, such as restaurants, cyber caf├ęs, and other local businesses, have installed  wireless networks to offer a service to their customers.

Large wireless network projects are being implemented in some UK major cities. Eastserve is an example in Manchester.

At Ellison IT we work with some of the major brands to make sure your wifi experience is as good as we can give.

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Ellison IT is capable of creating a wifi Mesh to meet your needs. No more dead spots in your property. The product of our choice is the Unifi equipment, this provides home owners and small businesses the ability to reach those hard to connect places.

If Mesh is not a option then we use PoE (Power Over Ethernet) to join wifi devices together to give a seamless WiFi experience.

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